Saturday, January 24, 2009

Welcome, Disabled Workers, to the University of Mars

I've long suspected that government job training programs, especially those forcibly attached to a government subsidy, may be among the most useless and inefficient ways that government uses its money. These programs train people who don't want to be there in skills they aren't really interested in having to help them get jobs that don't exist. Well thanks to the Toronto Star for heaping up evidence for my thesis. It seems that many injured workers have been required by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board as a condition of receiving compensation to enrol in the University of Mars
Let us gather the testimonies of the grateful beneficiaries of the government's concern for their career future:

Carlos Aviles:
"It was a waste of time," he said. "So much money wasted. It's all garbage. The training was inadequate. This is not real school. It's for kids. (But) I have to go there."

Gladys Canelas:
"Someone has to stop this stupid thing," said Canelas, who quit her program in frustration and is now unemployed. "Money, money, money for nothing."

Of course teaching of new skills and skill upgrading for our modern hitech economy is very difficult considering the way our social service budgets are so severely constrained in how much they can spend to l'arn recipients in these marketable new skills. Being able to afford to pay out a mere $33,000 over a 18 months to prepare one for data entry and shelf stocking, or $21,000 to prepare one to be a "customer service clerk" -- how can one expect results when our social service programs are so starved for resources?

You know of course that it would be a lot more effective to let the recipients pick a new trade and an institution to teach it themselves and just give them the money to enroll. But they're much better off deploying the whole long-assembled wisdom of the Government of Ontario in a decision that may determine the whole course of their future life.

I've been thinking of course about the budget. There will be money for job training, Jim Flaherty has said. It's a shibboleth, a panacea, a totem. Not spending money on job training is considered equivalent to saying "We don't care about people losing jobs; they probably deserved it anyway. Let them deliver advertising flyers."

About all we can hope for from the Conservatives is that they take the time and trouble to ensure that their training programs will achieve something, but that's not something I really expect to see. Expect a Star expose of useless new training programs finded in the budget by the conservatives later this year, just about the time that Michael Ignatieff decides that he wants to force an election.


Skinny Dipper said...

Karla got better treatment.

Anonymous said...

I'm currently in that maze of a pinball machine that bounces me all over to people who just want me to be someone elses responsibility.

I'm too old for some programs, too young for others, too Educated for some, not stupid enough for others, too healthy for some, too disabled for others .
Then I was too rich , not poor enough, out of work too long, not unemployed long enough , on severance payments, not aboriginal enough , not a female , too canadian enough, and on and on.

I'd like to point out that I'm trying to be self-reliant by using my Disability experience to Invent common household items that are Universal for all persons and can be marketed on a Global dasis for the Blind and handicapped.
BUT, this too is a scam where the Government sets-up a really Nice Website and a Menu to look like they offer assistance to SMB's that want to increase their Business and hire new workers.
After reviewing all the Strings attached to to get that help it is unlikely a Small or Media Business could afford the Legal costs to prepare the massive 30 pages of Documents and reveal their Trade Secrets within the 5 year Business Plan to qualify .
The Government "Promises" to keep the secrets with their Disclosure Agreements , but I've been through that crap in canada where some Patent Agents have increased their Profits via the Third-Party clause which is really " Sending the work to India and China" and then Billing you back here in canada.
I have researched the Invention-Scams and the Patent frauds schemes , trust me on this one....once you agree to let a Lawyer send your "Secrets" off-shore to India and China it is as good as stolen and will appear at a 7/11 as a imported Knock-off before you even get the Patent Rights approve in the USA or Canada.

The Government always tries to Buy-Jobs to lower the Unemployment numbers , and one way is to build the phoney Store Fronts like a Hollywood film set .
Then , employ people to push paper all day long and make sure nobody actually uses the Store and sees that all the Goodies are really Props.
I've been their folks , that's why I now have a Patent Lawyer in N.Y. city where their workers can be Jailed for leaking my secrets and be barred from that Industry for life , I also must build my Invention in the USA because Ontario is run by the ECO-Fascists that fight every step for me to build a Plant because it might harm some bird or frogs .

My products are all based on being ECO friendly and help the Handicapped , one item I created will save the Health care system about $2 billion a year because it lower the risks for child injuries in the home and I have the evidence.
The gig is up Dalton, we've paid to keep jobs that make cars people aren't buying and we paid to have TVO compete with the CBC that are Public Broadcasters feeding off my taxes to make Show few people watch.
We fund Legal Aid where some people on Welfare actually Sue the Government for Human Rights violation if their Home is bad or a Cheque is late , we fund Health Care for the gang-banger punks that choose a life a crime knowing they get "Free" treatment if shot or Injured and get Legal Aid to boot.

This Pyramid scam will collapse very soon when there are not enough tax-payer to support all the people in the scam , at least with Amway you got to keep the soap .