Thursday, December 31, 2009

Should Old Betrayers Be Forgot, And Never Brought In Line?

At last! We can ring out the old and say goodbye to a miserable year, a miserable decade, and a degenerate half-century, all at the same time. Let’s celebrate the right way, with Guy Lombardo and indefatigable Times Square reporter Ben Grauer, enjoying what would be for both of them their last New Year's Eve..
Happy New Year 2010!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Best of What's My Line #1: "Are You the Mother or Daughter of Dorothy Kilgallen?"

In 1954, while Dorothy Kilgallen was away from the show after the birth of her third child Kerry, her other two children, Dickie, 13, and Jill, 11 appeared on the show as mystery guests. It’s obvious that Dorothy and her husband Richard let Dickie and Jill stay up till 11 P.M. on Sunday nights because their game play and voice disguise were excellent. They alternated answering questions, further confusing the issue. Typically, Bennett Cerf was the first to hone in, asking whether the guest had any connection with Dorothy’s new baby. (I fully expect a revelation some day that Cerf had some way of seeing through his mask.) The kids’ voices hadn’t given them away (Allen: are you the baby’s godmother or something?) Then Arlene Francis shows her facility for intuitive insight followed by a horrible guess....
Watch the kids greet the panel on the way out.